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A Preview of the Four Part Series: The Expedition to the City of Gold, Choque’Qirao

Dave’s New Adventure: Adventures from South America 03-2007 – 04-2007

A Preview of the Four Part Series
The Expedition to the City of Gold, Choque’Qirao

Part 1: Dreams of Quartz Llamas
Part 2: A Trail of Mud and Glitter
Part 3: The Holy City
Part 4: The Dark Shaman

“Do you think he was trying to kill us?” I mumbled as Marco tucked the blankets around me.
“Jes. He was a dark force. I can feel eet.”
“When you get back to Lima, you’ve got to find out who’s pursuing us, and why, if you can.”
“I will. Can you feel anything?”
Marco touched my pallid skin, and noted the temperature.
“Sheet, you’re in very bad shape. I will get some hot tea for you.” he said as he exited the door.

I had my first encounter with a dark shaman, and it didn’t go well. I shivered in the bed, and the combination of hypothermia and exhaustion took an enormous toll on my body. Half the town’s electricity was taken out as a result of the shaman’s incantation, a storm. We were confined to the only hostal in town that had electricity, but luckily the owner saw Marco dragging my barely functioning body through the rain, and immediately recognized my condition. He quickly had water boiled, several blankets brought to my room, and an electric heater was put at the base of my feet. As I slowly regained full consciousness, I realized that if I hadn’t caught up to Marco during the grueling ascent back up to Cachora, I’d have been caught in the storm alone, and quite possibly, I would’ve been dead.

A Photographic Preview of

The Expedition to the City of Gold, Choque’Qirao

No, this is not an anime character. He's for real. What he does and goes through, is real.

The author doing what he does best. Flirt.

The author doing the grueling climb up to Choque´Qirao.

The expedition team, from left to right, Marco, Manuel, David, and Dante.

The expedition team, taking a lunch break.

On an unknown trail to... who knows where.

Choque'Qirao, where the trail to it literally glitters with iron pyrite.

Hacking through the bush, along an overgrown Inca road.

And then... we find something!


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