Posted by: davesnewadventure | August 31, 2007

Appearing on Brazilian TV

There´s nothing like appearing on a news channel and plugging your way of life. The moment I entered Brazil, I was immediately interviewed for the newspapers, and for the local TV channel… which they then rebroadcast onto Television Globo, which, at the time, I did NOT know was the 3rd largest TV network in the world. You can see a copy of the broadcast here, TV Morena. Go to the bottom, and in the box that says “Busca de Videos”, type in “ciclista americano”

 Obviously, it´s in portugese, so unless you´re brazilian, good luck.



  1. Your crazy guy! hehehehe
    I saw one report about your trip in Votuporanga’s newspaper (Brazil) and what you’re doing with your bike is very interesting!!!!
    Brazil is a very beautiful country and the people are very friendly. About Curitiba, I’ve never visited there, but one day I’ll go to know the many places around the world. However, not on a bike, because is so difficult! hahahaha
    Congratulations!! Good luck during your long trip and your plans.


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