Posted by: davesnewadventure | July 16, 2008

Documentary Short – Sundrenched Pt. 2 – Beating the Runs

Hunting for Anti-Diarrhea Medication in Pasaje Paquito

While I was in Iquitos, I had severe case of the runs. Iquitos is an Amazon Rain Forest City, and it sits near the beginning of the Amazon. Because it’s a rain forest, it has an enormous amount of rare plants, fungi, and trees with exotic compounds and pharmacologies that are used by the shamans (curanderos), for all kinds of ailments. There’s an estimated 5000 species and compounds that have yet to be analysed. I just wanted to stop my runs, so I went to the famous Pasaje Paquito (Paquito Way), to find a medication to take with me before starting my bicycle expedition across South America.


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