Posted by: davesnewadventure | July 26, 2008

Documentary Short – Sundrenched Pt. 12 – Running to Ayacucho

I was pressed for time, because I had to meet up with Marco in Cusco for an expedition. So, I raced for Ayacucho. Along the way, I slogged through mudslides, land slides, and learned about the people who live in this remote and harsh landscape.



  1. Hi Dave — Looks like you had a good time, even though you ran into some mud! I sure wish that I could join you traveling around the world! I would love to spend time with the local peolpe, just doing life together. Even working with them for a few days, helping them on their farms, feeding the animals, playing, having fun, sharing precious moments of life together.

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures, and watching your videos. If you are ever in our area, you are welcome to stay with us (Central Valley, California).

    — vja4Him * Riding 4 Life

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