Posted by: davesnewadventure | January 28, 2010

Press Release for Jackfruit: A Bicycle Quest Through Latin America

And he discovered this while riding a bicycle across Latin America.

The recent financial crisis shook up the world since it first hit in 2007. Yet, six years before that, major crises in Latin America devastated the South American hemisphere. Today’s financial disaster was preceded by countries who, much like the USA and the rest of the Western world, were at first epitomized as stable, financially competent, and excellent investments. Adventurer David Nghiem gained a ground level, gritty look at the causes and effects of those crises on the local denizens long before the symptoms were present in the Northern Hemisphere.

On December 16th, 2007, David arrived in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, after pedaling approximately 3729 miles, between Lima, the capital of Peru, Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was his second expedition. His first, which started in August 2001, and ended in June 2002, he cycled through ten countries for 300 days in two routes: Peru, Bolivia, and through all of Central America and part of Mexico. Nghiem wrote a 440 page book about his amazing first journey, titled Jackfruit: A Bicycle Quest Through Latin America.

From the high Andean mountains of South America, to the low tropical jungles of Central America, adventurer David Nghiem journeyed through a soul searching exploration of the depth of human intuition as he tracked down ancient symbols and mysteries. He surveyed the effects of globalization south of the border, and witnessed the devastating results of Argentina’s sovereign debt default, the largest default in history, and the lingering effects of globalization on various Latin American countries. Along the way, while enduring loneliness, dehydration, high altitude sickness, crocodiles, and gun shots as he faced his greatest challenge – surviving the journey.

David is an adventurer, explorer, engineer, and educator based out of New Jersey. You can order Jackfruit at, or at your local bookstore.


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