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When the airlines wouldn’t take his return flight tickets because his ticket agency went bankrupt, American born adventurer David Nghiem, made other plans. With the funds he had left over, he bought a ticket to Panama City, then biked across Central America. Tired and weary when he got to the Mexican/Texas border, he took a five day bus ride to Philadelphia.

The “road trip”, 2000 miles of bicycling through jungles, deserts, and mountains, included side adventures: exploring “lost” Mayan cities, getting shot at in Guatemala, and swimming over crocodiles. And then there also were some scary moments.

“If I was a cat — I have six lives left.” Says Nghiem.

“One evening I found myself in a desolate corner of northwest Costa Rica. The border area was infested with armed bandits, and I set up camp by hiding on a high cliff behind the brush. I couldn’t sleep and laid in my tent with my diving knife in one hand, and pepper spray in the other. I thought my heart would explode with every sound I heard.” Said Nghiem.

Read about his incredible adventures in his new book, Jackfruit: A Bicycle Quest Through Latin America, which chronicl
es his thrills, close calls, explorations, and the occasional romance. Also read about his 3768 mile bike ride through the Amazon at his website.

Jackfruit: A Bicycle Quest Through Latin America (ISBN: 978-1-60145-922-0), 440 pages, is available for $18.95 + $3 S&H through, 804 Kingston Drive, Dept ____, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. Phone:(856)667-3829. Visa/Mastercard welcome. Publisher guarantees an entertaining, educational read. Also available on special order through any bookstore.

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  1. e aí David!!!
    so o socorrista que voçê conheceu em Ortigueira com destino a Ponta Grossa
    abraço cara, tudo de bom na sua viajem…

  2. Fala David tudo bem espero que tenhas gostado da tuma dos bombeiros de camaquã,abraço do teu amigo Rodrigo Bombeiro

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