Speaking Appearances

David gives a presentation on the Mayan Adenture with students in Pennsauken Public Library. They’re mixing plaster and getting ready to build a pyramid, Mayan style.

David is now available, as of February 2008, for speaking engagements in the continental USA. His multimedia presentations educate, entertain, and enlighten with the use of slides and video, easy, and fun terminology, and he gives presentations on the following subjects:

  • Amazon Adventure, Ecology, and Wildlife (Children’s Program, K-12) – David presents his 6 day expedition through Bolivia’s Madidi National Park, and Pilon Lajas, an area that UNESCO has declared a protected bioreserve. National Geographic lists this area as one of the top ten places to visit in one’s lifetime. The presentation includes photos and video.
  • The Asian Latino’s of South America (University Level) – this presentation is about living with the Nisei and Sansei of Colonia Okinawa, in Bolivia, and in Brazil, about the chinese peruvians, korean brazilians, japanese brazilians, and south american asians. He had the opportunity to observe a vital, and rarely seen perspective of the Asian Diaspora in the Southern Hemisphere. Presentation includes photos and videos.
  • Risk Taking, Management, and Planning (Corporate and University) – David presents how he plans his grand adventures, often into areas that are unknown, and fraught with risks. He correlates this with business decisions, and risk management, as well as life decisions. This inspirational presentation includes photos and videos.
  • Mayan Adventure! A Voyage to a Lost Mayan City, El Mirador, and Tikal (Children’s Program, K-12) – David presents his journey into the Peten Jungle, in the Yucutan Peninsula, and into the Mayan Empire. This fun presentation includes photos, and a hands on project for children to build their own miniature Mayan Building!
  • Adventure Planning and Survival (University and General Public) – David presents how he deals with difficulties and obstacles that come up during a long term goal, project, or plan. His presentation is about quick thinking, decision making, immediate disaster planning, and resourcefulness. The presentation includes photos and videos.
  • The Geopolitics of Mercosur – An Analysis of Argentina’s Economic Downfall, and What the Experience Holds for the American People (University) – David presents the causes of Argentina’s economic collapse in 2001, and how the argentine people managed to survive one of the worst economic Depressions in history. He also presents globalization, and its effects on South American countries. The presentation includes photos.
  • Ancient Mysteries, Phenomenons, and Ruins of South America (University and General Public) – This presentation is about his expeditions to Macchu Picchu, Tiwanaku, and the Mayan Empire. The presentation includes photos and video.

If you’d like to learn more about his presentations, availability, and rates, please contact him at

David Nghiem
804 Kingston Dr.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


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